10 Things You Must Know About Residential IPs

Many proxy users do not make the right choice while buying a proxy service. The reason you are reading this blog is that either you are a residential IP user, or looking to be one in future; we believe you are on the right track!

For all the residential proxy users, it is very important to understand some of the amazing facts about using residential IPs. But before we talk about those remarkable facts, let’s find out what residential IP is.

What Are Residential IPs

A residential proxy is the best way to hide your online identity. It enables a user to switch through different IP addresses and servers. These IP addresses basically work with ISP (Internet Service Provider) which provides a user with an IP address that can be used at your residence. Residential IPs also enable you to spoof through different locations which is made possible with the multiplication of servers.

Using a residential IP is always beneficial for the users, now let’s take a look at some of the many features provided by these IPs.

1. High Speed And Performance

High internet speed is the utmost requirement of any internet user. When a user is connected through a residential IP, it is evident that you get the fastest internet speed with residential IP. The speed of the normal internet can range from 128 Kbps to 9 megabits per sec. but that is not the case with residential IP. Your internet service provider will provide you with a cable which will be connected from your DNS to your laptop/PC. An internet connection is smoother when it is established via a cable. It can provide up to 30 Mbps speed without having to face any instability. Since the speed of the internet is very good with residential IP, this brings great news to the user. Yes, you also get to stream through videos in HD mode.

2. Unlimited bandwidth

With residential IPs, you can transfer unlimited data. The server of residential IP enables the user to use maximum internet speed. This means that you can upload your data as much as you download it. You can upload or download the data in a specific given time. To ensure that you really get unlimited bandwidth, the service providers often provide their users with a track record of everything. From uploading to downloading, and even internet surfing, a user is able to track down everything that is needed.

3. Highly anonymous

As we all know that the main purpose of using any proxy is to stay anonymous while you surf the internet. Another great benefit of using residential IP is that you also get to visit a website that is restricted to a certain country or area. Another reason which makes residential IPs most anonymous proxy type is the multiplication of servers and IPs. Each request of a user is sent to a different server and is received by a different server. This way no website is able to detect the user due to different IP address each time. Not only the websites, but some of the great search engines like Google have special tools. These tools work in such a way that they can visit the frequent visits from the same IP which eventually ban the visits of the user.

4. Most Compatible

The compatibility issue is something that a user faces with almost every other proxy type. But fortunately, that is not the case with residential IPs. From laptops to the desktop, smartphone to iPhone, residential IPs are compatible with all the gadgets. If we look further into the compatibility issue, normal proxies are not even compatible with all the software and apps. In the world of growing technology, every other app needs to be updated after every 2 to 3 days. Now coming back to the residential IP, it works best with all the software and applications. From Java Networking to SOCKS, HTTP to HTTPS, residential proxies have got your back. In case the proxy does not work with any software or app, you must contact your service provider and make sure the problem is resolved right away.

5. Affordable Price

Now comes the best part of the blog when you want to know if you can really afford this amazing proxy type. And the answer is yes. Residential proxies are one of the most affordable proxy types which you can find online. All you need to do is find the right service provider by reviewing the company reviews on different forums. Once you have found the right company, you will need to review their pricing plans. Residential IPs come in different plans. Starting from simple 20 IP addresses to over 200 IP addresses, you can choose the best package according to your needs. So hurry up and find the best residential IP service provider today.

6. Multiple Servers

The system of residential proxy is designed in such a way that you are able to make multiple requests per minute. Each request is sent to a different server and is received by another server. The multiple servers have multiple ports and these ports take care of user requests. This is also the reason why the chance of getting blacklisted by any website is reduced. This is also the very reason that search engines and websites are not able to track down your visits. Residential proxies grant you the access to freely scrape and crawl without having the fear of getting detected. These proxies are designed in a certain way that they can support all types of software. Their gateway redirects each of its user’s requests to a new IP each time.

7. Multiple Locations

As we had discussed above, that any website can trace the frequent visits of any user. To make sure that your frequent visits do not get noticed by any of your favorite websites, it is highly recommended that you use residential IP. These proxies are designed in such a way that a new IP address is automatically assigned to the user after every 10 minutes. No matter your system is idle, your IP address would still be changed automatically. With the multiple IP addresses, a user also has the access to use the IP address of any country. Sometimes a website can only be accessed from a specific country, but this is not an issue when you are connected through a residential proxy. You can choose the country of your choice and get started now.

8. Advanced Control Panel

The list of amazing features goes on and yet comes another amazing feature of using a residential proxy. As soon as you purchase a residential IP, you are given a dedicated control panel. The control panel can be password protected as per your need where only you have the access to it. The control panel lets you customize the settings of your choice. You can enable parenting options for your kids and make sure no inappropriate content is accessed. Not only that, you can also keep a record of who uses the internet and what is accessed through it. Moreover, you can also switch to IPs and servers using the control panel.

9. Secure Browsing

The Internet is a tangled place. Your data can bounce from country to country in a matter of seconds. If you are someone who lives in the US, you do not have to wait for an online threat to single you out. Not only that, even your browsing history can easily be sold to any highest bidder. Secure Browsing is something that everyone looks forward to doing. This is something that is not always guaranteed with proxies. Now the question is how you would protect yourself from online threats? This is only possible when you are connected to the internet with a residential IP. It will prevent any stranger from accessing your online activity. From money grubbing ISPs to online hackers looking for victims, everything is secure with a residential proxy. To make sure that you are always protected when you go online, it is highly recommended that you use residential IP.

10. Process And Installation

Many users think that installation process of any IP address can be very complicated, which is not the case with residential proxies. Once a person has made up his mind for buying a residential IP, all you need to do is contact your internet service provider and let them do the magic. The entire process would hardly take an hour after you have chosen your desired package. The tech teams of all the service providers stay in touch with the user until they make sure the client is fully satisfied.

Mentioned above are just the basic 10 things you must know about residential IPs. Residential proxy plays a vital role when it comes to providing maximum security to social networks. These proxies are a bit expensive as compared with the normal ones but it is totally worth it. Try using the amazing residential proxy today and take advantages of their amazing and unlimited features.

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